Thursday, October 14, 2004

A day in a life of an English teacher...

Today was my last class with a group I have been teaching for a full day once a fortnight since May. They have been fabulous and today tolerated my taking photos of them with the same fun that they have tolerated my wierd accent and dodgy definitions of words (I figure if they want the real definition they can look up the dictionary)!

My day usually starts with a short 10 min walk to the S-Bahn and then 20-30 min trek to somewhere around Frankfurt. Today was at the language school at Kronberg. This week has turned cold (total understatement as far as I'm concerned) as you can see from everyone in their coats.

S-bahn to Kronberg

Here is the gang talking about such serious topics as globalisation and manufacturing processes. Of which of course I am now an expert.

But as you can see below its not all work and no play. Angelique on the left is French and would sprinkle her sentences with charming doses of alors, voila and bof!

Intense discussions


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

English Subtilities

Schnick-Schnack is my new German word of the day meaning “absolute everything unnecessary” as translated by a student, Andreas e.g. extra features like handle bar warmers on motor bikes and McDonalds. That is, McDonalds the corporation that is “the acid corroding the art of living, eating and drinking in Europe” according to Andreas in an unexpected flash of eloquence. Christof, agreeing, added his outrage at going to the football and not being able to eat the traditional soccer snack of bratwurst mit brotchen washed down with German beer since the licence for all food and beverage for the stadium was bought by McDonalds and Budwieser. Quelle horreur.

After this discussion and an examination of the difference between flaws and fleas, Andreas sighed heavily and pronounced, “I have so many trouble with the English subtilities”.

I kept a straight face until I was walking to the train after the class.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Summer at the Old Chappel. Some photos.


Beautiful weekend, Van Gogh, Supper Club and cruising on the canals. Here are some piccies.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Steve's Birthday

Birthday Boy

Dancing at the Old Mill, hiking on Cat Bells and Barbie at Jake & Jo's. A fab weekend. Check out more photos here. Hurrah!