Monday, February 26, 2007

La Fromagerie

A few weeks ago we were invited to a cheese and wine tasting at La Fromagerie. Three courses of cheese with accompanying wines. Fromage-tastic.

It was such a fab shop I went back with Tim on the weekend.

We stopped for a flat white and brunch at the Tapa Room. Here we are loving the flat whites....

Then we wandered up the road to La Fromagerie. The cheese room is incredible.

Goats cheese selection

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Le Weekend

Its been a recovery weekend of eating, cleaning, washing, crafting and blogging. No socialising and very little leaving the house.

Except on Saturday when I ventured across the road to the hairdressers for a much needed colour and trim. Somehow a trim turned into a major lopping of several inches.

I'm very happy with it and it has passed the Day Two test of looking ok without salon expertise. This is with no product and no blowdrying which is pretty much how I run out the door every morning so I'm relieved.

How does it compare Robbo? (My friend Robbo and I have an uncanny ability to get the same haircuts despite living on opposite sides of the world and not discussing styles).

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wales v Ireland

Wales v Ireland

On Sunday afternoon we drove from Lyme Regis to Cardiff for the Wales v Ireland in the six nations rugby. The city centre was buzzing and the stadium is right in the middle of the city next to the beautiful Cardiff Castle. We joined over 74,000 people in the stadium and enjoyed the fine weather with the roof off.

It didn't seem like a particularly dramatic game to me - a complete non-expert when it comes to rugby. I asked Smithy if it was a good game - he said it was "ok". I was cheering for Ireland who won 19-9.

Smithy convinced me to go to the game by saying the atmosphere and singing is great and it was very impressive. I would have liked to spend more time in Cardiff but we had to drive back to London (very slowly due to one or two traffic accidents - Sunday night joy)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend at Lyme Regis

I booked a cottage in Lyme Regis over Christmas in the dead of winter. I never imagined that when we were there it would be the most beautiful winter weather I've ever seen here.

I also had no idea that it was right in the middle of the Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO world heritage site, famous for dinosour fossils. At the beginning of our walk along the coast I popped into a dusty, dark fossil shop and was awestruck by a dinosour fossil. We had a rather leisurely walk along the beach and over the cliffs. I definitely didn't need my new waterproof jacket that I rushed out to buy at lunch on Friday. We enjoyed sarnies and Beths yummy chocolate and banana cake. A Bill Grainger recipe - apparently the secret is to double the recommended amount of chocolate!

Beth was looking for fossils...

She found this one

Friday, February 02, 2007


Taxis & St Pauls

After an awesome weekend in NYC with Miss Jo I have been struggling all week.

We mostly shopped and ate. This photo is taken from the World Trade Centre area where there are huge photos of 9/11 on display. It is still very emotional to be there and see it. There were a lot of people in tears and I was feeling a bit choked up.

Then we went across the road to Century 21 for a bit more shopping. What a fabulous place - great bargains if you have the patience. On your receipt they have the total spent in small font then how much you have saved in massive print - very satisfying.

It was very very cold and there was much talk on the news about the first snow of the season.

Back in London its a balmy 11 degrees. Hardly even coat weather!