Sunday, February 11, 2007

Le Weekend

Its been a recovery weekend of eating, cleaning, washing, crafting and blogging. No socialising and very little leaving the house.

Except on Saturday when I ventured across the road to the hairdressers for a much needed colour and trim. Somehow a trim turned into a major lopping of several inches.

I'm very happy with it and it has passed the Day Two test of looking ok without salon expertise. This is with no product and no blowdrying which is pretty much how I run out the door every morning so I'm relieved.

How does it compare Robbo? (My friend Robbo and I have an uncanny ability to get the same haircuts despite living on opposite sides of the world and not discussing styles).

1 comment:

Robbo said...

Hey Hels

Love the haircut. It's shorter than mine (and nicer). You suck because you can have wash-and-go hair that looks that good whilst I just end up looking like fuzzball when Bebe Robbo doesn't deem it necessary to allow me the time to blow dry and iron my disobedient mop.

Robbo xox