Friday, September 29, 2006

Monsoon Wedding - Part I

We arrived home in London at about midnight from our road trip to Provence. A quick check on the web for the current hand baggage allowances (at that time changing on a daily basis). Packing a borrowed sari and trying to imagine what else would be required for an Indian wedding in between trying to use BA’s excellent online check-in. Usually excellent but for some reason access was denied. I thought maybe it was due to heightened security and decided to focus on important clothes decisions instead.

We left for Heathrow at about 10am for our 2pm flight, not knowing how chaotic it would be. Again we couldn’t use the fast track terminals to check in so it was the horrendously long queue for us. When we finally got to the front about an hour and a half later the check-in guy said it was because the were doing a security check on the credit card we had booked on….but that he would make it up to us with an upgrade. Woohooo! Premium economy, not quite business but very nice all the same.

We walked out into the heat and dust at Bangalore at four in the morning, disoriented by the sudden chaos. Even at that hour of the morning the streets were teeming with bright yellow tuk-tuks, cars and bicycles, converging and diverging in front of us, seemingly controlled by some magnetic force.

We arrived at the Bangalore Club, a colonial compound of light blue buildings where most out of towners were staying. Nick, the Groom to be met us at this unsociable hour and his excitement was infectious. I don’t think Nick actually slept for the 3 days we were there – he was constantly hosting and organising, making sure everyone was ok. Sonali, Bride to be was also working behind the scenes making sure all the events (yes there were quite a few) were perfect. They had guests from all over the world from the US to Australia and many countries in between to coordinate so it was an impressive feat.

We checked into our room, the rather grand ‘Brigadier Hill Suite’ with rooftop terrace, two bathrooms, and as we discovered later a bed on the migration route of a colony of little furry black catapillers. It was a bit unnerving to wake up to find Steve with extra furry eyebrows on unexpected parts of his face each moring but we got used to it after a while.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Laughter is the best medicine

For all my loyal fans, those two of you out there, big apologies for lack of posting. Three weeks and three days til we fly out for the wedding means not just lack of time for writing but also lack of inspiration. I know, poor excuse.

I'm loving this time actually - especially getting REAL mail in the form of RSVPs. Its very exciting getting envelopes with handwriting and no plastic windows. I'm getting all emotional now - I can't imagine what a blubbering mess I'll be on the day. Lets just hope to God it doesn't co-oincide with PMT. I should probably do some calculations. Get on the medication now if necessary.

Work has been a shambles. I don't usually post about work at all on policy, not fancying being dooced and all that. But with a round of protracted redundancies, and several people taking maters into their own hands and resigning, leaving about two of us to do the work it hasn't been a barrel of laughs. Thats why I'm adding job hunting to my list of to dos before we go away. Just to add that extra little frission of excitement to the next few weeks.

Anyway to cut a long whinge short, I just wanted to share two things that gave me a sore stomach from laughing so much this week. Go see Little Miss Sunshine for an off beat warm fuzzy feeling. Kind of like a cross between Monty Python and Muriel's Wedding.

And read v. funny blogging and one of the best spewing stories ever from Nic over at Craftapalooza.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Pre Wedding Activites Taken Up a Notch

While Smithy headed off with the lads to a mysterious location in the Cotswalds for the girls took me out for a rather large one in London.

It started off extremely sophis at Hakkasan. Everyone looked totally glam and I managed to take a few sneaky photos while the eagle eyed waiters were looking the other way. We had divine food with wine especially chosen by the attentive Somelier with the gorgeous French accent. "I would rrrrecomend for you zis one with just a leeetle sugar" Hmmm...."OK!!"

The party organisers had even got me a GNO cake!! Still no sign of anything henny - so far so good.

But they were just lulling me into a false sense of security.

Once we got to the fabulously cheesy Strawberry Moons it started to get a bit messy. Especially after Beth started handing out the penis straws and the stickers.

Beth and Bec did an amazing job of organising the evening and giving me a suitably rowdy farewell to my single days. Love youse guys.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Girls Night Out on the Town

Interruption to holiday reports to say I’m feeling very excited as a bunch (flock, gaggle, band, brood?) of us are going out for a “Girls Night Out on the Town” tomorrow night. I couldn’t quite face calling it a “Hen’s” even though Steve is going on his Stag this weekend and its kind of for the same purpose (I think).

The venue is Hakkasan, recently voted one of London’s top restaurants. The attire will be black. Hair and nails will be done. Eyebrows already dealt with.

I really really hope there will be no sign of pink veils, matching t-shirts or penis shaped straws.

Provence - L'Ancienne Cure

We had such a lovely time staying at L’Ancienne Cure. Martine and Erik welcomed us at the door and helped us find a car park in the narrow windy streets nearby. They have spent several years restoring the 16th century house by hand and it shows in all the details throughout. The wide stone steps lead up to the bedrooms from the entrance

We were staying in the “Forte” room overlooking the garden with a private terrace for soaking up the sun under the gaze of St Maria, sitting atop the spire of the church across the road.

We wandered down to the garden for dinner and met two other couples staying at the hotel. Its amazing how lively a conversation can be had with very little language in common. Erik begged us to speak more slowly while holding his nose, imitating our nasal accents. First up was the very important matter of the aperitif – a selection of local fruity liqueurs and champagne. I had a Violet Kir – sweet white wine with a dash of Violet liqueur – very floral and purple.

Martine served an amazing Provencal meal she has spent the afternoon cooking – aubergine terrine and Lamb cassoulet served with buckwheat. We were having a lively conversation after the meal over the obligatory cheese course when Martine jumped up with a shriek and dashed into the house just in time to save the baking Peach tartes for desert. Thank god! – they were divine!.

The ceremony of the meal not yet over, Erik appeared from the house with another armful of bottles. The digestif – another important part of the meal. I had a thimbleful of Elixer de Tyme – Thyme Liqueur. This was delicious and strong. I appreciated the 150kg of thyme that goes into making just a litre of this stuff. We toasted St Maria as she watched benevolently over the garden.

We retired up to our room with some very Gallic sniggers and suggestive comments from Erik following us.