Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Laughter is the best medicine

For all my loyal fans, those two of you out there, big apologies for lack of posting. Three weeks and three days til we fly out for the wedding means not just lack of time for writing but also lack of inspiration. I know, poor excuse.

I'm loving this time actually - especially getting REAL mail in the form of RSVPs. Its very exciting getting envelopes with handwriting and no plastic windows. I'm getting all emotional now - I can't imagine what a blubbering mess I'll be on the day. Lets just hope to God it doesn't co-oincide with PMT. I should probably do some calculations. Get on the medication now if necessary.

Work has been a shambles. I don't usually post about work at all on policy, not fancying being dooced and all that. But with a round of protracted redundancies, and several people taking maters into their own hands and resigning, leaving about two of us to do the work it hasn't been a barrel of laughs. Thats why I'm adding job hunting to my list of to dos before we go away. Just to add that extra little frission of excitement to the next few weeks.

Anyway to cut a long whinge short, I just wanted to share two things that gave me a sore stomach from laughing so much this week. Go see Little Miss Sunshine for an off beat warm fuzzy feeling. Kind of like a cross between Monty Python and Muriel's Wedding.

And read v. funny blogging and one of the best spewing stories ever from Nic over at Craftapalooza.

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nicole said...

LOL :) So glad you got a laugh ;) I KNOW LMS is the BEST isn't it.