Monday, September 11, 2006

Pre Wedding Activites Taken Up a Notch

While Smithy headed off with the lads to a mysterious location in the Cotswalds for the girls took me out for a rather large one in London.

It started off extremely sophis at Hakkasan. Everyone looked totally glam and I managed to take a few sneaky photos while the eagle eyed waiters were looking the other way. We had divine food with wine especially chosen by the attentive Somelier with the gorgeous French accent. "I would rrrrecomend for you zis one with just a leeetle sugar" Hmmm...."OK!!"

The party organisers had even got me a GNO cake!! Still no sign of anything henny - so far so good.

But they were just lulling me into a false sense of security.

Once we got to the fabulously cheesy Strawberry Moons it started to get a bit messy. Especially after Beth started handing out the penis straws and the stickers.

Beth and Bec did an amazing job of organising the evening and giving me a suitably rowdy farewell to my single days. Love youse guys.

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