Sunday, June 18, 2006

Taste of London

Nomes invited me to go to Taste with her in Regent's Park yesterday. We wandered around in the heat alternating between snacks and wine tasting. We tried dishes from Fifteen, Le Gavroche, Hush, Zilli Fish and Zuma. The crispy fried squid with green chilli salt from Zuma was very tasty and Hush's mars bar cheese cake to die for.

We tasted 5 different Piper Heidsieck bubbles and noted some had more of a "biscuitty and almondy" taste than others, The Vintage 1996 was "alarmingly fresh" and the Sublime Demi Sec was nice with cake. Noice.


Steve's been busy in the garden this weekend. We now have some turf which has transformed the garden. Time for a BBQ.



Hopefully it will rain this week. Never thought I'd say that!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

quilts japan march 06

This mag arrived today.

I flicked through and found.....Japanese Kaffe Fassett!

Here is REAL Kaffe Fassett with his beautiful quilt in Liberty last November.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I came accross this world map meme via Buzzville and couldn't resist. Its been popping up all over the place and I like seeing where people have been. I haven't yet made it to whole regions/continents - Central and South America, Middle East, most of Eastern Europe and Africa. I really want to go to Patagonia in Chile, walk the Inca Trail, more of Africa and India. And and and.....

We have done very little travelling this year as i developed an aversion to planes and airports last year communting to Frankfurt. In two weeks we are going somewhere new and exciting for my birthday though.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back Tack III

My lovely Back Tack III gift arrived from the talented Lexi at Adventures in Home-making. Its made of the softest cotton with very cute details. I think the initial detail is clevery hidden as her mouth (am I right ?).

This little rabbit also came bearing gifts - some Iced VoVos (wow that takes me back) and some very cute buttons.

Thanks Lexi - what a treat!

And it looks like the bunny I made (same pattern and funny) arrived for Molly over at The Secret is Letting Go.

Friday, June 09, 2006


This week has been relatively busy at work with lots of deadlines converging at once. Most of the week it was pretty routine. *whinge*

But today we went to Cambridge for a couple of meetings and had four hours of 'free time' in between. I was expecting it to be interesting, but having been to one or two English towns - how different could it really be? Starbucks and ubiquitous high street stores make everywhere look the same.

I was blown away by the architecture and atmosphere of the place. Cambridge Uni, founded in the 1200's, has an incredible sense of history. I felt inspired and intelligent just walking around. I was surreptitiously people watching, looking for high foreheads, pocket protectors (or high spec laptops) and other signs of brainiacs.

The effervescent feeling in the air was definitely enhanced by the weather (amazing) and an alleged uni ball (which I imagine to be exactly like the QUT Law Ball). Although I haven't been able to find any details on Google so that may not be true.

But some kind of event was going on...

What the?!!!

Seen at about 2:00pm.

They really do mess about on boats on the river...

What an enviable student life (again - just like QUT ... "university for the real world")....

but can't but help noticing the killer muffin top/whale tail combo on the right....

And, conscious of not finishing on a bitchy note, I defo want to visit again soon. On a sunny day. So I can sit by the river with a cold beer, not worrying about a 4 o'clock meeting and take photos to my heart's content without feeling like a total provincial tourist in front of my colleagues.

PS it makes me smile that I'm not the only Aussie around here noticing the rays. Pauline and Shauny are way ahead of me....
PPS we had bugger all of a summer last year so please bear with us......

Monday, June 05, 2006

Grand Designs Live

On Sunday, we had a school trip with Steve, Pauline and the Great Danes. That's Pauline speak for Loba and Flemming (which i thought was very catchy) as they clearly are great. I actally ran into Loba at the staff caf in Lausanne (and I never run into people I know). I usually only see her at Wednesday night knitting. Anyway Grand Designs Live was crowded but fun - especially when we found the gourmet food section!

entering the kitchen and bathroom hall....

We picked up some practical tips such as "under floor heating does work with wood floors, yes indeed". Steve found something to go in the garden with the BBQ (the kitchest sauna ever for anyone who's wondering) .....

And vegetarians avert your eyes now...but I couldn't resist this mohair goats skin from a company that makes rugs but occaisionally has a hide to sell. Soft and squishy. And un-u-sual.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday in East Dulwich

It was a sunny day yesterday and we went for a walk in the hood to the North Cross Rd markets. A random collection of flea market, food and craft stalls along the front of cafes and housey shops. I bought this jug - vintage 'look' but have to confess not vintage at all and yes, more poenies. What an amazing colour. At £3 a stem they would want to be special. They also had succulent blood red ones. Next time.

On Lordship Lane there is an organic butchers where there is always a queue. We decided to see what all the fuss is about and had a BBQ in the evening.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Le Truc


Have been in Switzerland again for a few days this week for a little R&R...opps, I mean work. It was my third trip out there and it seems to be developing into somewhat of a routine.
6:15 taxi to Gatwick for the 8:15 fligh to Geneva.

However, the cat was put among the pidgeons and the cozy routine interupted when I got an email from my colleague who got there the day before, with the news that Nicky on reception had forgotten to book our usual hotel. That we really like. Oo la la. As I left work that night and she was still there at 7 trying to book somewhere, anywhere, it wasn't looking good.

The Crystal Hotel didn't have a gym, but then likely-hood of me using it close to nil, but it did have retro Olympics posters gracing the full five levels of stairwell and some funky retro furniture. I'm still undecided whether it was cool or just old. The highlight was the view from the 5th floor petit dejuener room. Lausanne is very hilly.

In a nutshell - pros of going to Lausanne:

  1. Out of the office
  2. Nice weather
  3. Spectacular mountains
  4. Fantastic French food
  5. Sexy French accents

Cons of going to Lausanne:

  1. EasyJet
  2. Smoking office
  3. Missing home

So overall its not too bad. As long as its just for a few days.