Friday, June 02, 2006

Le Truc


Have been in Switzerland again for a few days this week for a little R&R...opps, I mean work. It was my third trip out there and it seems to be developing into somewhat of a routine.
6:15 taxi to Gatwick for the 8:15 fligh to Geneva.

However, the cat was put among the pidgeons and the cozy routine interupted when I got an email from my colleague who got there the day before, with the news that Nicky on reception had forgotten to book our usual hotel. That we really like. Oo la la. As I left work that night and she was still there at 7 trying to book somewhere, anywhere, it wasn't looking good.

The Crystal Hotel didn't have a gym, but then likely-hood of me using it close to nil, but it did have retro Olympics posters gracing the full five levels of stairwell and some funky retro furniture. I'm still undecided whether it was cool or just old. The highlight was the view from the 5th floor petit dejuener room. Lausanne is very hilly.

In a nutshell - pros of going to Lausanne:

  1. Out of the office
  2. Nice weather
  3. Spectacular mountains
  4. Fantastic French food
  5. Sexy French accents

Cons of going to Lausanne:

  1. EasyJet
  2. Smoking office
  3. Missing home

So overall its not too bad. As long as its just for a few days.

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