Tuesday, May 30, 2006


My new favourite flower (although if I look back to this time last year I might have been saying the same thing back then). Can you get them in Australia? Can't remember seeing them in Brissie. My faves used to be gerbras but their bright colours can't compete with the romantic pink of these delicious blooms.

They are really expensive when the first come out at the beginning of the season (£2 per stem) but come down from platinum prices to silver after a while. This bunch was £5 at the stall at Blackfriars. I bought them up on the way to work on Friday and they're still going strong today. I love the way they start as a little bud and open up to this.

(Inspired by Anna's pics but without the dreamy delicate quality of hers)


kelly said...

Peonies are my favorites too. I hoped there would be some in the garden here, but no such luck ... yet! :-)

laissezfaire said...

I love peonies too! I stumbled upon your blog doing research on tile paints. Did you find it easy to use? I am considering using it for a bathroom.