Monday, February 26, 2007

La Fromagerie

A few weeks ago we were invited to a cheese and wine tasting at La Fromagerie. Three courses of cheese with accompanying wines. Fromage-tastic.

It was such a fab shop I went back with Tim on the weekend.

We stopped for a flat white and brunch at the Tapa Room. Here we are loving the flat whites....

Then we wandered up the road to La Fromagerie. The cheese room is incredible.

Goats cheese selection

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Sharon Templeton said...

hello there my friend - sharon t. here. i confess (odd, given that i'm not the least bit catholic) that it's been a long, long time since i logged onto your blog to live vicariously. having done so, i resolve to repeat the experience often. i also resolve to find the best cheese shop in brisvegas - my mouth is watering at those pictures. i see you were toying with the idea of cycling to work - well guess what ? i have been. sometimes the whole way and back (return trip of around 35km) and other times, just a short jaunt of about 15km round trip. i'm really enjoying it, although i am lucky enough to have bike path the entire way just about, and only need to brave the buses for the last kilometre or two in the city.
the kids are all growing up - sam just turned 4, emma and finn had their 1st birthday party before xmas and are now running around everywhere - usually in opposite directions or perversely, straight into each other. i guess the navigational issues will straighten out with time. they're very cheeky - particularly when it comes to bed time - they like nothing more than giggling together as they run off away from their room prompting a rather too energetic game of chase at the end of the day.
sam is such a big boy now - he hears everything and understands way more than we think he should. it's making for many coded and hushed conversations between kev and i.
work is still here. i haven't won lotto yet, although i think my chances have increased dramatically now that i've started buying tickets. our windfall should arrive any old tick of the clock... or i guess i could just keep working to pay off the mortgage (a concept i found myself explaining to sam on the way to kindy one morning, which prompted him to say that it was very unfair we had to keep paying money to live in our house, particularly if that meant that we didn't have enough money to go to seaworld and stay over at "that special house" (read rented unit) whenever he wanted to. out of the mouths of babes...
it looks like you're having a ball, as usual. i hope the weather is starting to warm for you. ours is just turning chilly (well, relatively). keep well, keep fit, and keep those resolutions (or at least the fun ones). hugs and kisses to smithy. will try and work out international dialling trick soon so we can speak in delayed person. lots of love, sharon.