Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Conked out

Clare has solved the mystery surrounding the nuts - they're conkers. Apparently children of the cold climates thread them on strings and try to hit each other's nuts and break them. Or hit your siblings if you are a fiesty redhead scots lass. Tip: soaking conkers in vinegar makes them harder.

Am feeling worn out tonight. I think it is waiting related tiredness. ie waiting for trains, waiting for my next class and mostly waiting for Smithy to get home from work. I try to be productive....but there is only so much blog surfing and discovery health channel watching a girl can do.

We are heading over to the Lakes tomorrow eve for a weekend of frivolity and hiking to celebrate Smithy's birthday. A bunch of fabulous relatives and friends are converging on Gamblesby to help.


smplcv said...

Happy birthday the world and you will receive the same

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cv said...

Great work from Clare! seems to have great concentration as hitting nuts and breaking is not a joke!

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