Monday, September 13, 2004

CV Aerobics

I am wondering if finishing a total rewrite of my CV is a good enough excuse for not making it to the gym for first star of the week as planned this afternoon? After all it is much more painful to try to walk the fine line between selling yourself and egotism than it is to go for a run on the treadmill and try out new weights programme. Although starting a weights programme can also be quite painful from distant memory.

Faced with my unexciting CV and the intense desire not to be teaching English for too much longer I was very grateful to come across a site giving a fresh perspective and tips with a new approach. At first glance it doesn’t look all that different but now has a much more sophisticated feel (hopefully) and more relevant info and I actually don’t have that nagging sense of embarrassment when submitting it now. If you are interested you can check out the site here. I signed up for the masterclass and I think it was worth it. Okay - see if I get a job first and then I’ll let you know. At least I feel better that I'm no longer an English teacher but a corporate language and communications trainer.

In Germany there is an expression for changing direction. Its roughly translated as jumping in the potatoes, jumping out of the potatoes. I feel like I have been doing a fair bit of potato jumping lately!!

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David said...

Hel you are the QUEEN of potato jumping.