Wednesday, September 08, 2004

First time

What started as a seemingly simple exercise has quickly degenerated into a spiral of Stewie-ing (advanced worrying - not for beginners). For a start which site to use. Okay that was easy - blogger is free (although typepad looks cooler). Then finding a name - they're ALL taken. And a scary number of people who have the same ideas. But then there are all the people who have incredibly cool witty names - where can I get a cool name at such short notice? At least its not like the German system for naming kinder where you have to use a standard recognised name and unisex names are not allowed. So no Terry, or Dale here and definitely no Heavenly Tigerlillys either.

Of course there is the issue that a stranger will read it and think I'm a complete weirdo. But what if no-one reads it either!! Or worse - what if all my family and friends read it and don't contact me directly anymore!! (hint hint)

okay enough already.

1 comment:

David said...

Stewie you're a classic. OF course I was gonna read it.