Thursday, September 16, 2004

Is it true?

Oh my god - I almost forgot - how about Jess and Marty's wedding!!! I can't believe they're still together. I can't believe I'm missing it. And perhaps more to the point I can't believe I'm talking about it in public.


Anonymous said...

Hels, it is perfectly reasonable to discuss Marty & Jess in public. I mean, what's more interesting - the upcoming federal election? Don't think so. Actually though, I must add that even more exciting is the fact that survivor Vanuatu is starting here on Tuesday (We should be sponsored by the tellie stations for all this free advertising...). I am going to get over the whole "I don't watch survivor" line that I usually go on with until you get me addicted to it about 6 weeks from the end and just get into it from the very beginning. Suze

Helen said...

Good Girl!!! Its far better to be out of the closet on these things. Glad to hear I'm having such a good influence ;).