Monday, September 27, 2004

taxing english lessons

I have a fabulous student who has decided the best way to learn English is to spend an hour of me explaining the latest tax updates to her and then going for lunch. Its great because it involves no preparation and free food. The only downside is the tax updates. And occasionally having to explain that my eating habits are not necessarily “English”. But if you ever need to know anything about employee deductions in the EU let me know. I think she has decided I either need to have babies or get a real job. Last week she told me I would make a good mum because I’m “very nice and peaceful” (it’s my professional persona). This week she said I look good because “my eyes are very open and bright” (it’s the caffeine) and she could help introduce me to someone in the tax section for a chat. I was very touched, but I think an hour of tax updates a week is probably my limit.

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