Monday, September 20, 2004

Upward Dog, Downward Dog

Clare, Natasha and I went to yoga tonight. It was really good - all in German and pretty much incomprehensible apart from links, rechts and Kopf and I’m pretty sure there was something about breathing there - but our lovely and bendy instructor Timo was really nice and came over to help us when we were looking a bit unco ie quite often. We are committed to going regularly (I think Clare is secretly quite competitive and is also going to Florida soon. Of course I will be sunning myself at Maloolooba in a couple of months so am not entirely unmotivated either).

On another note Robbo finally sent me photos of my god-dog number two today. Apparently she has been showing photos of him to complete strangers on the train so I thought I would try and widen the audience so more people can appreciate Micky and Griffin’s extreme cuteness.

Micky and Griffin

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