Wednesday, November 03, 2004 this!!

All with hardly any blood and sweat and practically no tears!

The Changing Rooms/Renovation Rescue crews would be proud!

We painted all the bedrooms upstairs and now have a blue room, green room and the not quite so exciting ivory room. Also managed to get most of downstairs done as well, bar the kitchen. Four days of painting, two days of moving furniture and listening to the carpet layer complain non-stop, a mad dash to Ikea and the place looks fabulous (dahling!). The living room particulaly is a masterpiece with the fantastally cosy red feature wall and cheeky gold mirror unexpectely found in a dustly little shop down an ally way in Penrith (room by Smithy). I think Smithy was greatly relieved to have at least one masculine gentlemen's club style room after I went around painting other rooms in pretty colours and putting up floral prints on the wall willy-nilly.

You can see some photos of the results of our work here.

After the week up North I ventured down to London in search of fame and fortune. Though would be happy with a modest but regular income. Caught up with some people and had a couple of "meetings" about potential jobs. Waiting (with very few fingernails left) for some feedback as we speak.

Back to Frankfurt on Saturday and have had a pretty busy week with lots of classes. On Monday we went to visit Steve's previous German teacher to give her a hand moving some furniture and to look at a sofa bed going cheap (very comfortable to those considering visiting) as she's moving to London. Claudia being European can of course speak about 20 languages and her French Mamon Jaqueline was there lending a hand. Both of them were decked out for the task of moving furniture in full makeup and heels (actualy the part about the heels isn't true at all but they still managed to look incredibly glamorous anyway). Moving furniture was rewarded with Champagne and a special goose spread (no not that type of special goose spread). Smithy and I happily sat sipping bubbles and munching on special goose spread that I have forgotten the name of, listening to stories about life in Germany and summer holidays in Bordeaux.

Now being the domestic goddess that I am, I am about to whip up a maggi assisted spag bol and veg on the couch.

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