Saturday, November 13, 2004

London Singapore Frankfurt London

I haven't written all week because I've just been too busy being nervous and Stewie-ing (see first post). After suffering from a split personality all week (helen 1: "of course you've got the job they loved you"/ helen 2: "there's no way they're going to hire you") I finally got an email late Friday night (thank goodness cause there's no way my nerves could have survived a whole weekend of the two helens not knowing) to say that "We would like to offer you the position of Advisor" AND that "We very much hope that you will accept our offer." Awwww. Okay then.

So I don't know when I'll start but probably as soon as the work visa is sorted. I'll find out more when I talk to them to engage in seriously tough salary negotiations (ha ha!).

Needless to say I'm a bit fuzzy-headed from the champers last night and am about to open another bottle now.

Helping me celebrate last night were Jake & Jo and Nomes (Smithy's sis). They all arrived yesterday arvo for the weekend just in time for the first day of sunshine since I got back from holidays. Steve who got called at 1am on Thursday night and was told to get on the first flight to London to do his stuff there arrived back this arvo and promptly went to bed. He didn't get to the hotel at all and did his second all nighter for the week.

Tonight we are going to a Turkish restaurant at Sachsenhausen. Yum!!

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