Monday, November 22, 2004

Munching in Munchen

Sorry I know its a terrible title but couldn't resist.

So its Monday morning, my 7:30(AM) class is done and I now have a break until my second one at 2:00. So far, I’ve sent a blistering (for me) email to the language school explaining that if they don’t pay me today for last month ('you bastards'….not in email - I just thought that) I won’t be able to get to my class tomorrow due to lack of funds for a train fare. Then I wrote another email to try to get the work visa application process moving as a girl has to plan her life (or at least her Christmas holidays). I have called all my friends in Frankfurt (ie Smithy) and arranged a lunch date. But that still leaves a few hours. Hmmmmm. Blogging it is then.

Weekend in Munich report –

We wanted to have a weekend away and decided on Munich as I thought I should see at least one other German city before I leave the country. We didn’t have much planned, well anything really, and didn’t take a guidebook. As a result we did very little apart from eat (which was perfect really). We stayed at the Belle Blue – highly recommended – newly renovated rooms painted blue with a glass panel from the room to the bathroom, making the room seem much bigger. The only downside to that was not being able to go to the loo all weekend. Excellent location just near the train station and very central. Also on the same street as the “Girls! Girls! Girls!” bars which could be a plus or minus depending on your point of view. Not too seedy to be uncomfortable though. And I think the breakfast would have been really good too if we’d made it out of bed in time. (Why do these free breakfasts always finish so early?!!!)

Friday night after we arrived (3 1/2 hours by train from Frankfurt) we went to a great wine bar / restaurant whose name I can’t remember (help me out here Smithy?). But was excellent anyway. Quite exotic food although fashionably small portions.

Saturday night we briefly visited the Hof Brauhaus – massive beer hall – not for wine lovers or vegetarians. For dinner we went to a restaurant called Makassar – run and owned by the fabulous Roland and Roger. Food and ambience is French with a colonial/Asian twist. The place was heaving and when our table didn’t become vacant Roland set us up in the corner of the bar which ended up being much more fun. We had a birds eye view of all the action and random people came and chatted to us all night. Later in the evening another guest, Erik who was quick to tell us he was half Italian (like I couldn’t guess from the leather racing jacket) started chatting. He had something to do with the music industry and the label for German Pop Idol and had met Guy Sebastian (who he thought was from New Zealand). Then his friend Simone was telling us about her job in the film industry - when films come out in Germany her job is “facilitation” working for a Hollywood producer called Morris someone or other. Which we ascertained wasn’t PR or event management but involves talking to lots of film stars like Colin Farrell and directors (Oliver Stone). She had spent a year in LA and had some great stories. And Roget was a chef on Jaques Cousteau’s ship in a past life. Very entertaining crowd. When we finally left it was snowing gently outside.

This is our view from the bar and party-dog below.


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