Friday, November 05, 2004

Turning Cool

Quote of the day from a student - "I can't read today". "Why not?". "I have a cool". Ah ha.

Speaking of cool, its turning quite chilly here now. Being out and about, standing on windy train platforms has prompted me to invest in one of these fantastic down sleeping bag jackets. It keeps me toasty warm and its light too. An added advantage is that with the hood and deep pockets I don't need a beanie and gloves thereby saving hundreds in lost warming devices over winter. The downside is that I look like a big dag compared to the stylish Euro types. But quite frankly my dear, if I'm warm and can therefore leave the house, I don't give a damn.

Toasty warm in new Jacket

I had a very German experience yesterday. I want to take some pictures of the beautiful autumn leaves and colours out at the moment. I finally decided after months of agonizing and borrowing other people's cameras that I would buy a digital camera (I need it for the blog you see). So on Friday I went down to Saturn the big electronics store in town with a determined stride. A very nice assistant helped me test and compare practically every camera in the store and I after about an hour I finally decided on a cute little Canon. We chose the extra memory card and a case and he even spent about ten minutes looking on the web for English instructions for me. I went up to the checkout with my exciting bundle ready for a burst of creative photography and whiped out my trusty Visa card. The guy looked at me confused and said "Um..we don't take credit cards. Only cash or bank cards". "Ah". "But you can go to the cash machine and get out some money and come back". Hmmm.. yes. If I had any money to get out. So I cheerfully lied and said "Okay thanks, see you soon" and slunk out of the shop in defeat. How do these people survive without credit cards?!!

Other exciting news, I'm off to London again on Monday for a third interview. Its looking good. Knock wood.

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