Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Frozen Pond at 2 in the Afternoon

Since I’ve been backI haven’t been venturing out of the house until well after midday, enjoying being snug inside. Today just before finally going out I looked up to see lovely light flurries of snow dancing outside the window. So I had some of warning how cold it was outside. When I got down to the park I saw that most of the pond has frozen over – the poor ducks now only have a tiny corner of the pond.

Anyway, I have much more exciting news than a weather report. I got back this afternoon to find an email waiting for me confirming my work permit has been approved. Yay!! After nearly three months of waiting I feel like things are moving again. So I’m going to be a London girl again, probably next week.

And thanks to Smithy for calmly dealing with my nervousness (and some very mild crankiness) this week. Even though he hasn’t been here, he has endured more than his fair share of listening to me whinge. But he’ll be back on Saturday so we can break out the champers together. In the meantime I'll celebrate with takeaway Italian from around the corner.

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