Friday, January 28, 2005



andrew said...

Hah. I love these photos. I lived in Germany/France/Italy/England Germany as a kid. I loved living in Germany - we lived in the North in a tiny Village called Kichlinteln (near Verden and Bremen - I actually neally typed und Bremen then) and I love the weird soft light you get in Germany. Have fun with the Germans, I love em, but so many don't understand them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, Thanks so much for your compliments about my little stuffed animals. For all of the little animals I have used a book called "Sewing TIny Toys" by Carolyn Vosburg Hall. There are 52 full size patterns in the book (so no enlarging or reducing or making it up on your own). It is a great book, full of ideas and the instructions are incredible. The orange elephant is the first stuffed animal I ever made! I'll watch for you on this month's vintage catwalk! Dawn