Sunday, January 23, 2005

waiting patiently

I’ve been back in Frankfurt for a week now and have managed to avoid fatal boredom. But I have resorted to a) going to the gym and b) cleaning the house to ‘entertain’ myself.

But am very happy – the flat is gradually becoming decluttered (I’m sure Smithy won’t miss a thing!) and I am feeling like I have broken the mental barrier of getting back into an exercise routine. The goal is the Berlin ½ marathon at the beginning of April. Finishing it that is. Actually I would love to do it in under two hours but that would be shaving quite a bit off my previous best time of about 2:15. Considering I was struggling to manage 6.5 km tonight that may be a bit ambitious.

Hopefully I won’t have to wait here too much longer before heading back to London. On Friday my immigration consultant told me the Home Office wanted another reference – I’m taking that as a good sign that processing of the application is underway. I was first offered the job mid-November so it really feels like the whole process is taking a long time. I think the past year has improved my patience. Or maybe just tested it.

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