Tuesday, February 22, 2005

London Lunches

For a girl who just brought one suitcase across to Frankfurt a year ago and still have some of my things there – I had a lot of stuff to move into my flat last week. I didn’t have far to go so a few mini cab trips were enough to get it sorted – but it’s a mystery where it all came from. I just seem to be a magnet for random items. Apart from my clothes, I had a whole load for bedding alone – new duvet, sheets, pillows and then there was the Paris painting and of course a cow print hat. And two bags of books, magazines and clippings (yes I do take after my grandmother in many ways). All accumulated in the space of two months. And that’s with being good and constantly restraining myself from buying stuff. Minimalist I will never be.

Apart from an initial moment of panic going to bed on the first night to the roar of traffic and sirens when it actually hit me for the first time that I had moved into a flat on a 6 lane motorway, I am settling in well. The morning routine into work hasn’t really changed - train to Waterloo and then a bus, happily avoiding the tube altogether. Except now I have an extra bus to the train instead of a walk which seems to be fine so far. It’s about 50 minutes door to door.

My flatmates K & A are really nice – a South African couple. They’re 24 and have just got engaged. K said they were going back to SA for a week in March and I asked her if it was for an engagement party. She said, ‘no, its for the wedding’!! So I’m going to be living with newly-weds in a couple of weeks. Interesting.

Smithy came over and we had a weekend of lunching with his friends and workmates. Having pub lunches is not a bad way to spend an absolutely miserable rainy cold day. On Saturday we met up with Nomes, Gilbo and Kunal at the Ladbroke Arms– an excellent gastro pub near Holland Park.
The danger of a comfy pub is not wanting to go back outside so six or seven hours and several warming pints and vinos later we tumbled out.

On Sunday we ended up at Browns at Islington which is a tres cool bar restaurant with groovy leather armchairs and secluded banquettes. Also very conducive to settling in for a long comfortable session. The food and service is excellent and the atmosphere is very relaxed with a range of guests from families to hip young things. And us. And the best thing about socialising at lunch time is being tucked up in bed and rehydrated by a decent hour.

Happy Birthday Suzie!! Rock and Roll Glama Girl!!

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