Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Long Short Week

These short weeks are deceptive. I start out the week thinking its going to zip by but then some weird space time continuum thing happens and looking forward to a long weekend somehow stretches the week out even more!

It’s still been go go around here – last weekend I caught the train up to the lakes to put the finishing touches on our painting at the cottage. In general it was pretty relaxing apart from the paint + rental car incident (note: 5 litres of cream paint tipped into the floor of a rental car is not a cheap accident to fix!). But the yummy breakfast at the Melmerby organic bakery made us forget about that. And yes – this current obsession with food while not doing any exercise at all is making it much harder to fit into jeans.

This week Jo M arrived and we are heading out to Covent Garden to catch up with her London friends and birthday drinks for Nomes, before escaping to Lisbon for the weekend.

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