Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bibendum & Paula Pryke Flowers
Originally uploaded by Hells Bells.

After drooling over gorgeous furniture, cushions, throws and too many other things to mention we wandered up to Hyde Park in search of Diana’s memorial. We knew it was somewhere near the Serpentine, but being in the ground rather than above it made it a bit tricky to find. We walked along one side of the lake – no sign of memorial. We turned back and walked around the other way. I was getting more tired and more in need of the loo. Tim was getting more determined to find it. We walked right around the lake the other direction, finally finding it just past the point where we had turned back the first time. It was closed for renovations.


Anonymous said...

That Tim sounds like a nightmare! But what a hottie!
Love, Tim

Helen said...

heh heh. most definitely! (not a nightmare)