Monday, April 25, 2005


I popped in to the Cancer Relief shop around the corner at Gipsy Hill on Saturday morning. It’s a great little op shop and I was very excited to find TWO pure wool jumpers ripe for boiling and shrinking. I felt a bit guilty as I bought them wondering what they would think if they knew their intended fate – to be recycled into Monsters!!

I headed home to wait (and wait) for someone to come and look at my heating again. In the meantime I got to work making two perfectly good jumpers into felt. Which involved putting them in the washing machine on the hottest cycle with some detergent. (I vaguely remember seeing the instructions for this easy method on one of the many crafty sites I frequent – if anyone knows where that is please let me know as I can’t find it now!)

Anyway as hoped, an hour later out came two significantly smaller jumpers with a fantastic soft fluffy texture. I didn’t have much inspiration really but Smithy (Softie guru) suggested a dinosaur so I started with that. Meet Danny.

Danny the Dinosaur
Originally uploaded by Hells Bells.

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kath red said...

love the dinosaur