Friday, May 13, 2005


Hooray! Claire has put the MOS gallery up and more than a few others had the idea of recycled felted sweaters!! Talk about a collective consciousness (or something)! And there is at least one other dinosaur too by Fiona– which is much more adventurous and 3D than my (usual – see the elephant) 2 legged cop-out.

I think this one by Camilla Engman is my favourite although its really impossible to choose. But just look at her dog with the monster….have you ever seen anything so gorgeous and soulful as this puppy!?? I just keep looking at the pictures and smiling then sighing (ie doing a ‘Pam’).

Anyway I'm about to race home (as far as you can race on the Thameslink) to meet some other little monsters, doh I mean angels.

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Anonymous said...

But Hells I still think the elephant is beautiful.PS