Friday, June 10, 2005

Fab cartoon
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I'm now thinking about what to make! Some will go into a quilt of some desription but I have my eye on a couple that I think would be great featured on a bag like this cartoon print.

Although there are probably a couple of other projects I should finish first.

This weekend is going to be dedicated to making the notions holder for back-tack. I came up with some ideas last night - inspired by a really cute notions holder in the latest Quilt Japan. How timely. I wonder how many others will have the same idea. The fabric I was sent lends itself perfectly.

I'm also going to go to "a market for buttons and bows - buy vintage glass buttons, toys and more at the VV Rouleaux playground market" according to a blurb in the paper. Sounds enticing. Handily close to Kings Road...there might be a few other shops to pop into while I'm there :)

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maureen said...

I bought a pair of boxers for my son that were made out of that fabric. The cartoon just cracked me up. "That's it, she's spending the rest of the trip in the trunk!"

Reminded me of the thought looping through my head when we'd go on road trips and our youngest would reach her saturation point and couldn't hold in the whining any longer.