Thursday, June 02, 2005

First Knitting Project

First Knitting Project
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But in the meantime here is my first attempt at knitting since I made a scarf when I was about 8.

I have been eyeing off the beautiful wools and books at John Lewis on my way through to the sewing section and last week I couldn't resist any more. How can you resist wool called "baby cashmerino"? Well I'm sure many could...but not me.

I was attracted to this Debbie Bliss book with its lovely pictures, chubby babies and the promise of simple beginner patterns.

But I am tending to agree with the comments at Craftapalooza about the Debbie Bliss patterns. I can't say with much authority as this is the first pattern I've followed but the instructions just did not seem to match up with the picture. They were clear enough (cast on, moss stitch a row and then moss stitch 5 more rows) but when followed i got the "front" of the cast on row at the back. Huh?! It didn't match the picture either. And Mum agreed and she's a knitting guru.

Oh well. I'm enjoying the knitting and finished the back over the weekend. Now for the challenge of buttonholes.

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