Thursday, August 11, 2005


I didn't mean to leave you in suspense over the mystery of the flowers for so long (just in case you were on tenterhooks!).

I've been trying to think of an eloquent/romantic story or a funny/touching one (a la Shauny). I'd even be satisfied with mildly amusing ...but in typical style I'll just blurt it out ...

Steve and I got engaged!!

I've been waiting until I've been able to contact friends but weekends away, time zone issues and pesky work have made it a bit difficult..but I'm getting there. And I've been totally overwhelmed with all the nice things people have said. There's been laughter, tears, offers of endless supplies of bridal magazines from the girls at work and offers of help to find the best music for the evening (much appreciated).


kath red said...

hey congratulations. what lovely news for you.

Jane said...