Thursday, September 22, 2005


About half the women in our office are on the Atkins diet. As a result the kitchen has a permanent smell of grilling bacon. Which is a disaster for the other half of us on the low GI diet as the smell is enough to make anyone’s stomach rumble no matter how much baked sweet potato or brown rice you’ve just eaten.

I say “us” in the very loosest sense as I am incapable of following any strict diet. So as a result, after a year of not exercising and eating curry every second night (in the spirit of fitting into English culture) I’ve discovered that I’ve been stuck with the Heathrow injection. How cruel. And it seems that just thinking about eating less doesn’t count (I do that quite a lot). It looks like there’s nothing for it but to join a yoga class. Then I’ll be doing some exercise and be more zen about not eating greasy delicious food.


acechick said...

That bloody heathrow injection cost me 10kg! Can you believe it?!

I blame it on all the alcohol.

Helen said...

Its terrible isn't it. They should have a warning on the Government travel site about it...Cholera, rabies, political unrest, Heathrow injection. Then we could get imunised before we get here.