Monday, October 10, 2005

Up North

Little G & Nomes
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We went up North on the weekend to say goodbye to the cottage. No more BBQs in the backyard, stepping next door to the pub and being lulled to sleep by the beck. But we rescued some of the kitch that is close to our hearts so Beth can still dance around the Chinaman lamp at our next get together.

We had a wonderful dinner with Jake and Jo - it was chilly up there so we had total comfort food - braised lamb and roast veg. Feeling hungry just thinking about it.

As always the kids were super excited to see us. I should really say - to see Uncle Steve. I think they've eventually accepted that I'm a regular extra. Georgia has stopped calling me "THAT girl" anyway. And they sometimes call me Aunty Helen... usually when they want something. Its facinating watching them play. Sam LOVES anything to do with vehicles, especially cars, trucks, trains and likes to build complex road and rail systems for them....whereas Georgia will spend hours colouring in, writing and making crafty things. It seems to be completely hard coded. If you try to interest Sam in drawing he will simply say "thats stupid" and G will lose interest in building anything in two seconds and drift away. I remember loving playing with lego as a kid but was also into my dolls in a big way. I wonder if just having sisters makes a difference?

Rail Construction
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