Monday, October 17, 2005


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It was a quiet, yet busy weekend. The main event was the 10km run on Sunday when we joined Paula Radcliffe and a few thousand others to become walking Nike advertisments. We were in the first tranche at 9:30 which meant getting up early but was worth it as Hyde Park was really lovely - slightly misty and cool. The autumn leaves are beautiful. I know 9:30 is not that early but ....Sunday.

The run was good but even better was lunch at the Black Sheep Cafe at Crystal Palace after. Newly discovered (by us that is)...why hadn't we been before - good atmosphere, really good food and couches so comfy Beth and I were nearly asleep.

Saturday morning I woke up early (two early weekend mornings - v. weird) and started baking. Chocolate and ginger cookies were good - better if i hadn't over cooked them. Version two of the Peach tart was better - no lumps this time but was let down by very tasteless peaches. Will have to try and remember the tricks to this recipe for next summer.

I didn't make much progress on the twin's sets but hoping to finish them this week - if I can figure out how to make crochet flowers for added detail.

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