Monday, November 07, 2005

Pincusion & Quilt dilemmas

Secret Pal Pincusion
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I made this little pincushion on the weekend for my secret pal. I was wrapping up her parcel (some luverly goodies) and thought it needed a little something extra. You may recognise the design - I was more than a little inspired by Cassie's at Bella Dia.

This was just a fraction of the craftiness that happened on Saturday - left to my own devices for the whole day I also almost finished Boy Twin quilt top, Manos scarf and started a new scarf (in red – very warming). ie I started more things and didn't finish anything. I got stuck in total indecision paralysis as the Boy Twin top has worked out significantly smaller than Girl Twin. Can such inequality start so early? I think not. Therefore my options are (a) order more fabric and make Boy Twin bigger or (b) make a whole new smaller Girl Twin (and KEEP the current Girl Twin - I have developed a bit of an attachment). So of course I couldn't come to any conclusions and finish anything. Nor could I decide how long to make the Manos scarf (if I keep going till the yarn runs out it might be a bit long) but I can't seem to stop. Its so nice to knit.

ps - I tried to explain all this to Smithy and his eyes glazed over in about 2 seconds. I'm hoping my crafty readers will have some understanding of these dilemmas.

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Anonymous said...

Make a whole new girl twin one! you know you want to ;)

LOL Kirst