Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hampstead Village Walk

I had a dream week off work last week, hanging out with the Robbos, sleeping in and eating nice food. Ahhhh.

On Tuesday we had a lazy day and hung out in ED (East Dulwich for short). We went to lunch at the Bishop and I noticed for the first time what an excellent veggie menu they have. Said hi to Clarence the pub wiemerana who is just beautiful. Robbo and I managed to do a bit of shopping, while they boys patiently waited.

I tried out this Delia Roasted Veggie and Brown Rice Gratin which received the seal of approval of the veggies and even the carnivores.

On Wednesday we ventured far afield north of the river and went for a London Walk in Hampstead Village. It was a gorgeous day and our guide Peter was excellent. It wasn't until the end of the walk that I realised Peter was the same guide as I had for the only other walk I had done (half of) with P over a year ago.

We went through an atmospheric church graveyard. Almost every second house had a blue plaque and we learnt some interesting London history.

Bebe Robbo slept through half the walk and enjoyed the second half very much...

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