Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Elephant Project

I'm not coping with the cold weather. Today we had clear and blue skies (well till it got dark about 4) but really bloody cold. I just can't warm up despite the fact that I'm sitting here with the heating cranked up and wearing the sleeping bag jacket. (yes really). I think it is probably a sign that I should be doing some excercise to improve circulation but the only problem with that theory is that it would require going outside in order to get to the gym. A vicious circle.

Today I bought some goodies to attempt an accessorised elephant for Loobylu's month of softies. I wanted to buy some felt but couldn't find any - but then had the inspiration to use a towel instead. Only drawback is not having a sewing machine here but will see if I can do it by hand. I think its such a fabulous idea and can't wait to see the other elephants. Current plan is for an "Indian Elephant" - i was thinking about a sari but not sure that will happen.

Potential Elephant

By the way did I mention I love my new camera? :)

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