Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Until next Tuesday

Today in one of my classes I was trying to explain the difference between "by" and "until". As in I have to finish my report by 5:00. I'll be working on it until 5:00. In German they only have the one option "bis" (I think) so I hear alot of "I'll tell you the result until Friday" type statements. But try explaining the difference when to use which. Bloody difficult. I think I just confused Andreas even more. He just kept getting the wrong one every time. In the end my explanations of why he was wrong just started seriously contradicting myself and I wished I'd never started on the whole thing. But it was worth it for the look of sheer suprise on the students faces to learn that no you can't say "You should buy your advent calendar* until Tuesday". I'm so mean.

Only 8 classes to go before I finish up. Not that I'm into wishing my life away. I will miss some of them. But not many. Its been an experience.

*very big here - you can get all types - my favourite I've seen so far is the Kinder Surprise (Uberaschung Ei) calendar.

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