Thursday, November 25, 2004

Elephant ctd

I just dashed out to buy some coffee from the HL supermarket around the corner. According to the weather its a misty -1 degrees but is clearing up now to be another sunny day. I'm very lucky our appartment is in such a fantastic location - not only are we 10 mins from the centre of town, apart from the HL there is an Italian takeaway, a cosy bar, wine specialist, hairdresser, camera shop, optometrist, fishmonger and camera shop - all within about 20 meters from our front door.

There is also a tiny little dressmakers shop just beside the fish shop. As my bollywood elephant is coming along very nicely and ready to be sewn together I thought I would try my luck there to see if she would sew it together for me. (I'm not sure if that disqualifies me from the softies project - I hope not!!) She didn't speak any English so I had to mime sewing it together and leaving a hole for the stuffing. I think she understood - she just nodded sagely and said "morgan" - so I'll find out tomorrow!! hee hee.

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