Friday, November 26, 2004


Well still no news from my dynamic immigration consultant - I thought I'd have more info this time last week - but he just doesn't seem to be responding to my daily calls!! Ok - I admit it - twice daily. But it could be a good thing in the end - ie longer holidays sunning myself on a beach. hee hee.

Well unlike my visa, Indira the bollywood Elephant is coming along nicely. Nadja the seamstress did a wonderfull job of sewing her together and now she just needs ears, a tail and some more accessories. That will be a job for Monday so she can be entered in time to join the other softies on Loobylu.

At the moment I should really be packing as we are off to Prag for the weekend to celebrate Tricky Nicky's 30th. wooohooo.

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