Friday, January 14, 2005

Silly Harry

I am so glad I’m not a royal. At first I thought – gee, Mary’s done alright for herself hooking a relatively good-looking skandy prince. Even if she does have to wear unbecoming knits from time to time. But who would voluntarily opt for that kind of intense media spotlight?!! I mean we had a theme party at New Years, dressed up in ridiculous outfits and had a great time and I’m sure that not one else was particularly interested. But if you’re a royal such hijinks are analysed by everyone from every angle. The furore over Harry’s Nazi costume in the media here this week has been intense. Justifiably so – what an idiot - but I’m sure there’s been worse in private parties before. And even poor Willie gets rated on his lion cossie. Grrrrr. Actually, I thought the theme of the party itself was pretty ordinary – Colonials and Natives – ha – they wish!!! You’re not the boss of us!! Oh yeah – you are, and we voted for it. Bugger.

This weekend I’m gadding about somewhere in Kent for Phil’s 30th celebrations and then back to Sausage City on Monday morning for a week or so to cool my heels while visa is sorted out. Fingers crossed.

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