Thursday, January 13, 2005

Rush Hour

It’s a gorgeous sunny day today and the wind has died down although it’s still very chilly. We were walking back from a meeting near Westminster at lunch time and it was practically gleaming in the sun. I wanted to get out my camera and take some photos but didn’t think it would look too professional. Another time perhaps - in a couple of months when we have the next sunny day.

Am still pinching myself to be in London – I still find catching the double-decker busses a novelty – sitting up top with icon after icon passing by the window. I think the London Eye is fabulous. Not really sold on the Erotic Gherkin yet though. It really dominates the skyline. The Dome of St Paul’s from the distance is much more spectacular.

And I’m still intrigued by being surrounded by different accents and unidentifiable languages on the tube. I’m not so intrigued at rush hour though. I had convinced myself that the tube wasn’t so bad – but last night realised that was because I had been catching the overland train. I went home a bit earlier than usual and caught the tube last night. Well eventually caught the tube – the first two were too packed to get on. Eventually I was funnelled to the front of the platform and managed to get on the third one. As people crowded on, at one stage I was literally lifted off my feet and was much closer to the guy next to me than either of us were comfortable with. Three teenage guys were amusing themselves immensely with fart jokes. Not very funny – any flatulence in those conditions could be fatal. Note to self – try to find place to live near bus or train – much more civilised.

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