Friday, February 11, 2005

House Hunting

The search for a roof over my head was more successful last Saturday. I looked at another three places around Putney and Clapham. And the whole experience was much more fun with moral support and company from Smithy.

I looked at one bizarre house that had been tacked onto a row of houses, basically built out onto the pavement. There was a charming Polish couple living there who seemed quite bemused by both the architecture and their departing Kiwi flatmates. But I didn’t want to live on a pavement in hostel feeling house so that was a no. The second place was an absolutely gorgeous flat off a vibrant street in Clapham, great for transport (am I sounding a bit like an estate agent here?) but the owner occupier seemed a bit too precious about her newly renovated flat. When she started laying down rules like not using the phone and no Australians passing through to stay (what the?!), as well as asking how often I’d be out, warning bells started to ring. So unfortunately I had to pass on the fantastic huge room overlooking a garden.

But I finally met with success at another flat in Putney sharing with a lovely South African couple in a newish modern flat. Best thing is getting my own bathroom, although the shower in the bath without a hook on the wall (a favourite London design feature) will hopefully be fixed at some point soon. Move in date is next week.

And now I’m off to Waterloo (Waterloo) to catch the Eurostar to Paris. Dahling. Mwah Mwah!

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