Friday, February 04, 2005


First week of being ‘real’ as my boss put it went well. I now have a laptop, phone and email. All the essentials for a consultant. Am working on the elevator pitch. And a friend to have sandwiches with.

Smithy has come over for the weekend on a bit of a work junket.Where can I get a job that flies you over to London to go out drinking with clients?!! (But without the 100 hour weeks). Well I’m not complaining – I feel like this will be my first ‘normal’ weekend in London. Finish work, go out for a nice evening of food and a wine or two, have a relaxing weekend and not have to fly anywhere at the end of it.

Although some time will have to be dedicated to continuing the house hunt. I went and looked at three places on Wednesday night. I knew it wasn’t looking good when I was walking down to the first one from Clapham and there was a big sign up saying “DO NOT USE YOUR MOBILE PHONE IN THIS AREA!! GANGS OF YOUTHS ON BIKES ARE SNATCHING PHONES FROM PEDESTRIANS”. Well I was pretty alert AND somewhat alarmed after seeing that. The next place in Streatham wasn’t much more reassuring walking past massive council blocks….after reading in the paper that day about “New Killer Gangs” whose weapon of choice are scary looking automatic weapons and reside in the council estates in South London. So my (current) new strategy is to restrict the search to Putney which is not ideal transport wise but definitely feels safe!!

BTW Month of Softies are up – check it out!!!

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