Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bliss is...

…being able to set up my sewing machine in the kitchen, spread out my stuff EVERYWHERE and not have to pack it away.

Last night I made some progress on the houses quilt – finishing all the blocks and sewing rows together. Am feeling virtuous as I painstakingly tacked the blocks together before sewing to make sure corners and rows line up.

But at that stage I got confused as it seemed to be much smaller than I expected. The instructions said it would be 39”x 40”. But the rows without the border are only 15”. So I went back to the directions and in the summary it said the blocks are 6” but then the pattern and the step by step instructions say they are 3”! And I’ve only just noticed this discrepancy. So I’m going to have a miniature quilt that will be very cute but possibly not much use for anything!

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