Friday, April 22, 2005

what to do?!

I’m feeling a bit strange – I have no plans this weekend! It seemed like a good idea at the beginning of the week to keep it completely free but as it gets closer I’m starting to feel a bit uneasy. What will I do? Will I get bored? Lonely?

I’m thinking a foray to Kings and Fulham Road for a spot of window shopping might be in order at some point. Maybe a little visit to the Tate Modern and I might check out the fabric shops in Berwick St. I also want to put the border on my house quilt as I’ve made some good progress on that the last couple of evenings. And Tim is coming over for dinner tonight. Yeah – I’ll be fine!

Plus I need (want) to make a monster for MOS. My half made likeness of myself as a child is still forlornly lying on the window waiting for the other leg to be attached so I’m keen to actually submit something this month. I want to find a wool jumper or cardy at a charity shop to make into felt and then transform into a monster. I’ve never felted anything but am keen to experiment. The only problem is that finding a pure wool jumper is almost impossible. They’re all either acrylic or I’ve seen the occasional cashmere one. But I don’t really want to spend £25 on something with the objective of boiling it and cutting it up! So some op-shopping will also be on the agenda.

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