Friday, April 08, 2005

Garbage bag luggage

What a week TGIF if ever it was.

After finding my dream flat on Friday, I then put the proposal to my flatties that I move out in two weeks and we find someone to replace me then. They were happy with that which was a relief as my months notice would have meant double rent for a couple of weeks. Tuesday they called with the good news that their friends wanted to move in but they needed to discuss dates. Uh oh sounded ominous. But it turned out they could move in THIS weekend. So that meant for the past two nights I have been madly packing my even bigger pile of stuff to free up the room as I’m away for the weekend (surprise!). I have left a pile of about 8 garbage bags sitting in the corner waiting to collect on Sunday. The lovely K & C have come to my rescue again and offered their spare room for the week. What with that, negotiations with estate agents (managed to knock a whole £50 off their fee – wow!) and crazy work its been quite a week.

So I’m looking forward even more to a weekend at the cottage with Jo, the lovely K&C, Smithy and kiwi Clarkie who I don’t know but am sure is lovely too. Unfortunately the promising summer weather has turned baltic again – snow and winds coming from somewhere north and frozen. A good excuse to light up the fire.

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