Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Half of a Half Marathon

at the start
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I wasn’t intending to participate on the basis of not having done any training. But the rest of the crew weren’t having a bar of me skiving off to bed while they ran on the basis that I had organised the whole thing. Which I’m not sure is true but am easily convinced.

I ended up running the first 10k then having a nice (power) walk through Berlin with Smithy for the last half. It was a gorgeous sunny day so there could have been worse things. But just quietly I think there may have been better things (like a lie in and leisurely breakfast for example).

Everyone did really well and reached their goals – Sally 1:39 (wow), Krissy and Ole at 2:10 convincingly within their target time and Jo, Nat, Steve and I finishing before the road opened. Well my goal was to get out of it altogether, but never mind. The big bowl of pasta and red wine afterwards tasted divine.

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