Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Chilling out at Tone Dale House

The Corporate weekend was fab – great laid back venue and nice sunny weather. I was a bit under the weather on Saturday though (disgraceful) – but am still maintaining it was due to stuffy hot bedroom and not over consumption of alcohol.

When I finally emerged mid morning I knew immediately that the recruitment girls were kindred spirits. Shunning all planned activities they had laid out rugs on the lawn, gathered copious amounts of crisps and chocolate and huge stacks of trashy mags. They proceeded to sunbake, flick and gossip all day. Now that’s a great weekend away.

We did manage to rouse ourselves in time to make an appearance of helping with dinner. We were in charge of goats cheese and tapenade puff pasty parcels. Dinner was amazing – fresh oysters as promised, pastry parcels, several legs of roast lamb with bean ragout, chocolate pudding and the most amazing cheese platter I’ve ever seen. Yum.

Chilling out at Tone Dale House
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