Friday, May 06, 2005

Somerset (south west of London)

There is a bit of a buzz in the air at work today and everyone is wearing jeans and cas clothes (special occasions only). The reason for the excitement is the ‘Corporate Weekend’. A treat for the staff of a weekend away AND with the bonus of no boring rah-rah meetings. Hurrah!

We’re heading off to “Tone Dale House” in Somerset for some Walking (with a capital W apparently, not just walking around willy nilly), horse riding (after much discussion about who can ride, who can’t and what size horse is required) and the boss is cooking the meals for the weekend. I was a bit sceptical about this at first but was reassured when he went around the office asking for dietary requirements including ‘do you eat oysters?’ (?!!) before nipping off to Borough Market for the organic food.

We are sharing rooms and I was wondering if as the new girl I’d be stuck with the woman who sent around the email saying she didn’t mind sharing with anyone who wasn’t bothered by her snoring!! Luckily Val was thinking the same thing so I will be spared that experience.

PS: By the way, I now know that Somerset is no where near Suffolk, for those I told I was going to somewhere north east of London. So think of the opposite direction from Suffolk and that’s where we’ll be!

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The Personal Trainer said...

Hope the weekend is a riot, and the boss's cooking surprises everyone. Re your knowledge of English geography: remind us not to let you near the wheel of the car on those lovely weekends you join us - unless we want to do some spontaneous exploration!